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Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience:
Workplace learning is all about doing some great learning - but in a workplace instead of a classroom. Work experience, work placement for HSC VET courses, community learning, volunteering, student mentoring programs by employers in the workplace and some enterprise learning programs are all examples of workplace learning programs.

You can watch work being done, ask questions, join in workplace tasks and activities, learn new skills and find out more about careers and future employment opportunities. You will practise skills you have learnt in the classroom, as well as learning new ones in the workplace. And you will certainly learn more about yourself!

What does work experience do for you?
  • Gives you a 'taste' of the world of work, usually in a workplace or career area of your choice
  • Is usually undertaken in Year 9 and 10, but may occur in Year 11 and 12
  • Is organised by you. The school helps you with the relevant forms required. See your Careers Adviser for more details
  • Helps you learn about what employers expect, what responsibilities people have, and what skills and attributes employers are looking for
  • Helps you learn how enterprises work
  • Gives you a chance to experience working life and test your career aspirations
  • Improves you Employment Related Skills and gets you thinking about your next step in education or training
  • Gives you increased confidence and maturity by working with adults
  • Helps you to find out what you like and don't like

What does work placement do for you?
  • Is a planned and compulsory part of many HSC VET courses in a workplace relevant to your course
  • Is usually undertaken in Year 11 and 12
  • Is organised through the school or TAFE using the Work Placement Service Provider
  • Lets you practise and develop on-the-job industry skills that you have learnt off-the-job at school or TAFE
  • Lets you learn specific skills or competencies on-the-job
  • Involves you participating in the industry relevant to your VET studies
  • Helps you find out more about employment and training opportunities in the industry
  • Contributes to your HSC and a nationally accredited qualification recognised by industry
  • Builds you capacity to meet industry standards
  • Helps you decide if this industry is the right one for you